German Verb Subcategorisation Database extracted from MATE Dependency Parses

Based on the SubCat-Extractor, we induced verb subcategorisation information from German MATE dependency parses. The subcategorisation database is represented in a compact but linguistically detailed and flexible format, comprising various aspects of verb information, complement information and sentence information, within a one-line-per-clause style.

So far, we have applied the SubCat-Extractor to the German web corpus SdeWaC (Faaß and Eckart, 2013), which contains approx. 880 million words, and a Wikipedia dump from April 10, 2011, containing approx. 430 million words.

See here on how to obtain the data.


Silke Scheible, Sabine Schulte im Walde, Marion Weller, Max Kisselew (2013)
A Compact but Linguistically Detailed Database for German Verb Subcategorisation relying on Dependency Parses from a Web Corpus: Tool, Guidelines and Resource
In: Proceedings of the 8th Web as Corpus Workshop. Lancaster, UK.